The C8 Corvette is the first model in the nameplate’s long history to offer a right-hand drive configuration directly from the factory. This has allowed the C8 Stingray and C8 Z06 models to find plenty of interested parties in Europe and Japan. Thanks to a report from WebCG, we now know that every C8 Z06 headed to Japan will carry the same trim package and color combination.

The news comes directly from GM Japan executives Yoshiaki Uehara and Satoshi Nakano, who discussed the Japanese-spec Z06 with the publication. According to the report, every C8 Corvette Z06 being ordered by GM Japan will be a loaded-up 3LZ coupes, complete with black exterior paint and a red interior. In order to keep the color theme in order, all cars will also feature black wheels and red brake calipers. The track-oriented Z07 package will also not be available for customers at the time of the sales debut, nor does the company expect to be able to retrofit those parts with ease. The executives specifically noted that this combination is currently the most popular with Z06 customers in the United States, and one that fits the car nicely. The Japanese spec wasn’t made on styling preference alone, however. Uehara noted that if customers overseas were given the same access to the Z06 configurator as here in the States, the cars might never get built. GM’s difficulties in getting C8s to customers has been well documented through the car’s production run, with high interest in the Z06 only making that more of a challenge.

Japanese-market Z06 models will also lose the car’s unique center-exit exhaust system found on US-spec cars. This comes as a result of the country’s more stringent emissions and sound requirements for vehicles, which the trumpet-style straight pipes on the Z06 will not meet. This means the cars will wear the standard Stingray’s corner exit setup, resulting in a slight drop in horsepower output. Whereas US-spec cars make 670 hp, these particular units will be limited to 636 hp. That should still be plenty of power to beat up on all sorts of JDM goodness at any of Japan’s incredible circuits.

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