Ram today revealed a new pickup truck for the Brazilian market called the Rampage. Its design appears to be a shrunken version of the 1500, it rides on a unibody platform, with a choice of either diesel or gas-powered engines.

What we don't know is whether this is the pickup Ram plans to use to compete against the Chevy Colorado and Ford Ranger in North America. We heard back in February Ram presented a concept for a midsize pickup to dealers at a private show in Las Vegas.

That report also suggested that if the midsize pickup was greenlit for production, it would be hybridized in some way. This Brazilian-market Rampage is purely ICE-powered, though it's possible a version coming to the U.S. would have a more powerful battery-backed powertrain.

Selling this Rampage in the States would involve Ram building the truck within our borders to avoid the Chicken Tax, a 1963 law that places a 25-percent import duty on foreign-made pickups.

The Rampage nameplate is new for Ram, but not for Stellantis. It was first used for Dodge's funky ute sold for a short time in the early Eighties. Up until 2011, the Dakota name was used for the company's midsize pickup truck. Ram has yet to offer a legitimate midsize competitor since the Dakota ended production.

A Ram spokesperson declined to comment on if the Rampage is indeed destined for North American markets.

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