2024 Lexus TX, GX Teasers Preview Pair's Unique Front-End Designs

The two will debut on June 8.

Ram's New Midsize Pickup Will Be Called Rampage

It's for the Brazilian market now, with no word yet on whether it'll enter the U.S. to compete with all the other midsizers.

Aston Martin surprised by Mercedes 'rocket ship' in Spain - Stroll

The Aston Martin Formula 1 team was taken aback by the pace of the upgraded Mercedes “rocket ship” during the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix, according to its driver Lance Stroll.

2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Gets A Raft Of Updates Inside And Out

From the engine to the bodywork, there's a lot to take in.

2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid Review: Loud, Thrifty, And Expensive

Is 37 combined miles per gallon enough to make up for a noisy and unpleasant powertrain and a high price tag for the top-end model?

The 20 Best Electric Bikes You Can Buy Right Now

Commuter, cargo, cruiser, folding, mountain, and road e-bikes for every type of rider (and budget).

Notable North American police cars, from straight-six to all-electric

You'll not want to try outrun these, despite the noise (or lack thereof) that comes out the back

Leclerc: Ferrari needs to focus on being at “the peak of our tyres”

Charles Leclerc says Ferrari has to focus on being at “the peak of our tyres” after a disappointing Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix.

All of Japan's C8 Corvette Z06s Will Look the Same

Let's hope Japanese customers like the black-over-red appointments.

HPC's Trailblazer Is A Rugged, High-Power Electric Mountain Bike

Up to 1,600 watts of power out of this full-suspension, carbon fiber e-MTB.

History’s strangest Indy 500 racers

43 of the best-ever barn-finds

The Greatest Run in Le Mans History Started With Getting Fired

John Wyer and his small team beat the giants of motorsport, clocking back-to-back wins with a better Ford GT40 than Ford could build, and going on to take the first non-manufacturer win overall at La Sarthe. But it never would have happened if he'd never been fired.

Load Up A Ford F-150 Lightning And See Its EPA Driving Range Suffer

We know extra loads reduce EV and gas car range, and we usually talk about towing, but what about hauling? What can you expect?

Royal Caribbean Group Running Alternative Fuel Tests This Summer in Europe

Celebrity Apex and Symphony of the Seas will operate using partially sustainable biofuel.

BMW Introduces M 1000 XR Prototype For A Test Lap On The IOMTT Course

Watch Peter Hickman put the M 1000 XR prototype through its paces on the legendary road course.

Rivian Poaches Tesla's Global Manager For Raw Materials, Report Says

If this turns out to be true, it may lead to complications and even a delay of the Tesla Cybertruck's production start.

The Real Reason Designers Never Use Overhead Lighting

They use this, instead.

The 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Shows That Bigger Isn't Always Better

Toyota's latest offers room for many and the promise of reliability, wrapped in a safe, no-frills package.

Autonomous Driving: Here are the top 5 stocks innovating the way we drive.

Autonomous driving has an immense potential to revolutionize transportation industries. The market size makes it very appealing for big auto and tech companies. With so much at stake, it's clear that autonomous driving is one of the most important technological advancements to watch in the coming years. Investors who believe in these advancements may look for opportunties within this space with the highest returns. Securities within this list...

Mazda 3, CX-30, CX-5 Gain Carbon Turbo Package With Design Tweaks

The Zircon Sand Metallic paint was first seen on the CX-50 before the MX-5 Miata got it.

Ford Recalls 125K More Vehicles For Fire Risk, Hybrid Engines Could Fail

The Ford Maverick, Escape, and Lincoln Corsair hybrids could catch on fire if the 2.5-liter engine blows up.

Car dealers reveal their best tips for getting a good deal

There are plenty of great tips to follow in order to make the right choice and get the top deal, and dealers have a few of their best tips to share.

Vehicle theft soared in 2022, led by Quebec and Ontario: report

TORONTO — Vehicle theft in multiple provinces surged last year, according to insurance industry group Équité Association. The non-profit association, which focuses on the prevention of insurance fraud and crime, said in a report that the Canadian insurance industry lost more than a billion dollars for the first time on vehicle theft claims in 2022....

Mazda’s First-Ever CX-90 Fosters a Meaningful Connection to Driving

Its all-new SUV embodies a future focused on design, engineering, and craftsmanship built around the human form.

Secret barn-find stash revisited

20 extinct American marques

33 cars with the biggest engines ever

From the McLaren F1 to powerful pickups, we count down the machines with the largest capacity engines, ever.

Charles Leclerc and Ferrari are stuck searching for answers

A tough Spanish Grand Prix has Ferrari and Charles Leclerc looking for a solution

Ford Will Integrate Tesla's Charging Ports Into New EVs

Fords will get Tesla's NACS ports starting in 2025, while existing cars will be able to access Tesla Supercharger stations with an adapter.

50 Ford-powered cars you've never heard of

Over the years dozens of independent car makers have used Ford engines to power their cars… Here are the best

Aston Martin unveils the revolutionary DB12, a super tourer with a 680-hp V8 engine

Aston Martin presented the new DB12 model, a super tourer coupe that breaks the mould compared to previous DBs. For the first time, Aston Martin decided to rely solely on the twin-turbocharged V8 engine from Mercedes-AMG, with a power output of 680 hp and torque of 800 Nm. In addition, the car features electronically controlled suspension, electric power steering, an electronically controlled e-Diff rear differential, four-level ESP and an eight-speed automatic transmission with shortened final ratio. The cabin features a new infotainment system, a 10.25-inch digital display and remote connection via the Aston Martin app. The coupe features a muscular and aggressive design with elements linked to the tradition of the British manufacturer.

Reasons why your car won't start

Have you ever gotten into your car in the morning and it just didn't start? It is truly frustrating and indeed very annoying when this happens. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as getting your jumper cables out of the trunk and finding another driver to help you out, but, some other times, this is not the solution, as the problem is not quite a dead battery. In this gallery, we look at the main reasons why a car might not start. Click on and get your motor runnin'!

2023 Ford F-150 Shelby Centennial Makes up to 800 All-American Horsepower

The limited-edition F-150 from Shelby American honors the 100-year anniversary of Carroll Shelby's birth.

30 cars of the British royal family

Autosport Podcast: Le Mans 2023 - previewing the world's greatest endurance race

Martyn Lee and special guest Gary Watkins, Autosport's sportscar guru who knows his way around Circuit de la Sarthe better than he knows his own living room, take you on a ride through the upcoming Le Mans 24 Hours.

Jeep Wrangler Inferno: the six-wheeled off-roader is a 707-hp "devil"

Jeep Wrangler Inferno is the car that represents adventure and daring. With its six strong and durable tyres, the Wrangler Inferno can tackle any terrain, making for a smooth and safe driving experience. The Hellcat engine guarantees unparalleled acceleration and a breathtaking top speed. The muscular and imposing design, together with state-of-the-art technology, make the Jeep Wrangler Inferno a unique and inimitable car. Sold without a hitch at the Barrett-Jackson auction in 2019, it was up for auction again this year, attracting the interest of many, but the sale is still open.

Will solid state batteries transform the EV industry? Here are the best companies to watch.

A key question for Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is whether solid state batteries will become the new norm. Solid state batteries are smaller, lighter, and could be more efficient than traditional lithium-ion batteries, and they have the potential to radically transform the EV market. Many major automakers are already investing heavily in solid state battery technology. For these reasons, investments in solid state battery technology could pay...

Ranked: America’s most beautiful cars

Time to countdown the finest cars to ever come out of the US

John Lennon's Rolls Royce Phantom V: the psychedelic journey of the iconic British car

The story of John Lennon and his Rolls Royce Phantom V is that of a unique and exclusive car that perfectly represents the psychedelic aesthetic of the 1960s. Purchased for £11,000 in 1964, the car was painted entirely in a deep Valentine black and fitted with a bespoke interior, including a writing desk, record player, portable television and refrigerator. But in 1967 Lennon decided it was time for a makeover and had it painted in psychedelic colours, creating a work of art on wheels. A subversive statement that made this Rolls Royce an icon of the 1960s counterculture.

Rivian R1T Bursts Into Flames At Electrify America Station

Rivian said in a statement that it doesn't believe the vehicle's high voltage battery was involved in the fire.

Fazua Releases Major Software Update For Ride 60 E-Bike System

Improved motor response and data sharing capabilities enhance the already impressive e-bike system.

Vector W2: the 1980s concept car inspired by fighter jets with 625 hp.

The Vector W2 was one of the most futuristic concept cars of the 1980s. Designed by Jerry Wiegert, founder of the Vector Motors Corporation, this prototype promised to take automotive design, technology and performance to a new level. The shape of the Vector W2 was inspired by the fighter jets and racing cars of the 1960s and 1970s. The effect was impressive: a low, wide and aerodynamic body with a line that seemed to defy gravity. In addition, the car was equipped with gull-wing doors, which accentuated its aggressive look.

The Aston Martin DB12 Is More Familiar Than New

The DB11 replacement looks familiar because in many ways it is.

Watch: This 1979 Suzuki GS850 Get An “Ultimate”’ Restoration

Bay City Restorations rebuilt and restored this GS850 into a café racer.

New Fiat Appointment And Return Of 500e Could Boost Brand In US

Aamir Ahmed has been announced as Fiat's new North American head.

25 classic Q-cars

Exhaust Manufacturers Agree On Anti-Tampering Guidelines To Reduce Noise

This could mark the end of removable dB killers on aftermarket exhaust systems.

Top 10: fastest accelerating production electric cars

Toyota Creates Modified GR-Badged Prius for 24 Hours of Le Mans

The concept vehicle wears a carbon-fiber hood and aerodynamic elements inspired by the GR010 race car that Toyota has used to win back to back at Le Mans.