1. Lee Highway Blues - Newport Folk Festival Kitty Amaral 3:24
  2. Shenandoah Cosmic String Coalition - 9_23_17, 12.02 PM 4:19
  3. Kitty Amaral & Presley Barker - Bluegrass in the Backwoods 5:58
  4. Brakeman's Blues - Cosmic String Coalition 3:03
  5. Kitty Amaral & Cosmic String Coalition play Fiddle Patch (Bobby Hicks) backstage @ NFF 2017 3:24
  6. Sitting Alone in the Moonlight - Newport Folk Festival2017 Kitty Amaral 3:33
  7. Can't You Hear Me Calling - Cosmic String Coalition 3:03
  8. Kitty Amaral & Victor Furtado Kitty Amaral 5:07
  9. Kitty Amaral - Road To Columbus Kitty Amaral 2:10
  10. Jersusalem's Ridge Cosmic String Coalition - 9_23_17, 1.19 PM 6:01
  11. Kitty Amaral - Back Up & Push Kitty Amaral 1:53
  12. Jersusalem's Ridge Cosmic String Coalition - 9_23_17, 1.19 PM 6:01
  13. Funky Chicken Kitty Amaral 2:04
  14. Wheelhoss - Bill Monroe - Kitty Amaral (14) & Butch Robins Kitty Amaral 3:01
  15. Heavy Artillery - Kitty Amaral 5:43
  16. Rawhide (Bill Monroe) - Newport Folk Festival 2017 Kitty Amaral 2:57
  17. WAMU - Radio- Kitty Amaral; Danny Knicely, Kitty Amaral 27:44

“A monster fiddle player at 15, Kitty Amaral, is probably the youngest at Newport Folk Festival.”

Jacob Blickenstaff

Fretboard Journal

“Few years ago I received a CD in the mail from Kitty Amaral.
The CD was “Fiddle Gems “.With it came a very nice letter . The recordings were , quite frankly , stunning .Kitty was maybe 10 1/2 when she made this album of old fiddle tunes.
When you hear it , you know, without question ,this is special.
“Fiddle Gems” found regular airplay on Steve Martin’s Unreal Bluegrass. This year Kitty Amaral and her mother Noel Amaral found me in Raleigh during the International Bluegrass Music Associationweek of events.
Kitty and I had a long chat and then a shorter one, for the record.
That recorded visit will air tonight 7 to 10 PM, Eastern ,on WSDL 90.7 FM , Rhythm and News , Delmarva Public Radio. A few tunes from “Fiddle Gems” as well.
Write this name down in a place where you can see it. Post-It note , chalkboard , a piece of paper hanging on the refrigerator with a magnet …bold letters…


I saw her play in Raleigh as well . Beyond all expectations. Beyond “Fiddle Gems” . After all , Kitty is 13 now, in human years.

KITTY AMARAL ( write it down)

I will not give away the content of our discussion. I will tell you that Kitty Amaral is quickly absorbing all music, all sounds, and adding creative fire.
I hope I am in a position to watch her continued development.
Follow her here Kitty Amaral … and remember.
WSDL 90.7 FM is easily accessed through the portal on the SMUB web site.
Long live the Republic of Delmarva .The nation state with soul.
Steve Martin’s Unreal Bluegrass ,always three hours of the best of Bluegrass across the generations combining conversation with the legends , and, those becoming.( that will never change)”

Steve Martin

Steve Martin's Unreal Bluegrass Delmarva Public Radio

“Kitty Amaral is fourteen years old–remember that Chris Thile released his first album around that age; and she’s playing with Butch Robbins who was in Bill Monroe’s band.”

Ken Templeton

Red Line Roots

  1. Lady Be Good - - Stonefield Cellar Session Kitty Amaral 4:51
  2. Heavy Artillery - Kitty Amaral 5:43
  3. How High the Moon - Kitty Amaral (14) Kitty Amaral 5:41
  4. Troublant Bolero - Stonefield Sessions Kitty Amaral 4:17
  5. 9-How High the Moon Rough Mix 5:17
  6. I Cant Give You Anything but Love - Kitty Amaral (14) 2017 Kitty Amaral 4:02
  7. Douce Ambiance - Kitty Amaral 3:32

“Kitty Amaral is a name to remember in bluegrass and old time music. Not yet out of high school, this Elk Creek, VA teen is already being recognized as a fiddler of note, so much so that she has been invited to bring her band, Cosmic String Coalition, to the prestigious Newport Folk Festival this weekend in Rhode Island…”

John Lawless

Bluegrass Today

“…But this young lady exceeds all expectations for an 11-year-old fiddler (at the time of the recording) by playing some amazing versions of “Durham’s Bull,” “Oklahoma Rooster,” and “Rhymer’s Favorite.” Her variations on “Big John McNeil” will keep many a fiddler hoping to try to work them into their versions. There are moments of levity in the mix with witty touches to a couple of tunes and her tribute to the late John Hartford. Although she’s not old enough to remember him, his mark as a fiddler lives on.”

Bob Buckingham

Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

“For this week’s edition of the Here & Now DJ Sessions, we sit down with Kinney Rorrer, longtime host of “Back to the Blue Ridge” on WVTF public radio in Roanoke, Virginia. He shares a number of young bluegrass musicians who are carrying on the music’s traditions, including 12-year old fiddle prodigy, Kitty Amaral.”

Kinney Rorrer

NPR DJ Sessions

“Teen phenom Kitty Amaral brings her fiery fiddle to NYC for the first time! Joined by City Stompers’ favorite Virginian Danny Knicely on acoustic rhythm guitar and Aimee Curl on upright bass. Come over to Bushwick Inlet Park for a whole evening of southern Appalachian traditional music.”

Bushwick Inlet Park, Brooklyn, NY

Past Performances

Past performances include: Newport Folk Festival, Merlefest, Richmond Folk Festival, National Folk Festival, The Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall, HoustonFest, The International Bluegrass Music Association, Heartwood for The Crooked Road, SPBGMA Convention, First Night Raleigh, Muddy Creek Music Hall, The Roasting Room,The Blue Ridge Music Center, HoustonFest, The Floyd Country Store,The Blue Ridge Backroads Show, Woodsongs, Across the Blue Ridge Show, The Today Show…

Booking Inquiries:

For booking inquiries or other information please fill the contact below or call 352-322-0550 and leave a message. Thank you!

Booking Inquiries at 352-322-0550 or Contact Below:

  1. Bumblebee In A Jug Kitty Amaral 2:37
  2. Bad Liquor Kitty Amaral 3:16
  3. Yellow Heifer Kitty Amaral 2:51
  4. Double K Hornpipe Kitty Amaral 3:00
  5. Lonesome Polly Ann Kitty Amaral 1:55
  6. Midnight On The Water - Bonaparte's Retreat Kitty Amaral 4:37
  7. Big John McNeil Kitty Amaral 2:13
  8. Durham's Bull Kitty Amaral 2:57
  9. Tie Hacker Tune Kitty Amaral 2:38
  10. Headin' Up Elk Creek Kitty Amaral 2:40
  11. Oklahoma Rooster Kitty Amaral 3:07
  12. Little Daze Robertson Kitty Amaral 2:52
  13. Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase Kitty Amaral 2:28
  14. Ellie's Waltz Kitty Amaral 3:44
  15. Squirrel Hunters Kitty Amaral 2:58
  16. Rymer's Favorite Kitty Amaral 2:30
  17. Devil On Dry River Kitty Amaral 2:39
  18. Flatwoods Kitty Amaral 2:41
  19. Funky Chicken Kitty Amaral 2:04

“…his ferocious delivery exploded into the crowd with such force that it felt like the walls were moments away from collapsing around us. It was an act nobody should ever have to follow. Sadly for Kitty Amaral & Cosmic Coalition, however, they had to follow it. They didn’t let it phase them, though, and delivered an impressive set.”

Timothy Patrick Boyer

Through Digital Eyes

…but expect precision during Kitty Amaral & Cosmic Strings Coalition‘s performance (2:00 PM, Museum). Amaral is a 16-year-old fiddler from the Blue Ridge Mountains, and she’s already won several competitions across the country. Leave it to a teenager to bring old-school bluegrass and old-time blues to the Festival.

Ben Yung

Revue Magazine

“Fiddler Kitty Amaral, who recently turned 14, has been winning myriad contests and getting attention from stars Jerry Douglas and Mark O’Connor.”

Karen Newton

Style Weekly

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