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The strangest driving laws in the United States

Why you can't curse in Maryland, pump fuel in Oregon or ride a boat in Pennsylvania

The greatest cars powered by Ford's Cleveland V8

We celebrate one of the most notable engines to come from the Blue Oval

Nova Scotia man hopes to cross Canada on a vintage 3-wheeler ATV to honour best friend

A Nova Scotia man is trying to make his way more than 13,000 km across Canada on a vintage ATV. His goal is not only to break a world record, but also honour his best friend. Shelley Steeves reports.

NASCAR bans Chastain Martinsville wall-ride manoeuvre

NASCAR has decided to ban the wall-ride manoeuvre made famous by Ross Chastain at Martinsville that secured him a place in the Championship 4.

GM Defense And Partner Win Contract For Prototype Of New US Army Truck

The final deal could be worth as much as $5 billion.

The Hummer EV's Massive Battery Pack Limits Production: GMC VP

With the industry facing battery cell availability problems, the Hummer EV Edition 1's 212-kWh battery pack hampers production.

7 Luxury Pickups That Add Comfort and Class to Your Work Week

Just because you drive a truck it doesn't mean you have to suffer.

The Definitive Ranking Of The Best Girl Scout Cookies

We have some....thoughts about the new Raspberry Rally.

Cheapest Electric Cars You Can Buy in 2023

Just because a car is powered by batteries doesn't mean it has to be expensive. These are the most affordable electric cars on the market right now.

24 of the greatest Cadillacs

As America’s most famous luxury car marque hits a major milestone, we take a look at its most notable cars

Wife Whose Husband Drove Tesla off Cliff Told Paramedics, 'He Intentionally Tried to Kill Us'

Dharmesh Patel was charged Monday with three counts of attempted murder

An EV pricing war could be just what electric car-makers — and buyers — need right now

Today's pricing war, coupled with new federal EV tax credits, could boost EV demand, helping automakers to boost volume, further helping with cost.

10 Vintage Motorcycle Ads That Will Make You Want to Buy a Bike Right Now

Cool is two wheels.

30 classic three-door wagons

Five prestigious records held by Michael Schumacher 10 years after his retirement

The only driver to have featured on the podium in every race in a single race, to go with his seven World titles.

The Junkyard Gems of Denton Auto Parts in New Market, Tennessee

We visit New Market with our automotive history books at the ready...

The Mazda CX-50 Is a Crossover That’s Actually Fun to Drive

In a world where 99 percent of cars on the road are boring, Mazda stands out.

Doorbell camera shows drive-by shooting in Florida, 11 injured

A doorbell camera captured the moment four suspects in a blue Nissan Altima drove through a neighborhood and fired dozens of rounds in Lakeland, Florida on January 30, injuring 11 people. Police believe the shooting was likely drug-related.

Quebec motorists on edge as SAAQ services limited during digital shift

Quebecers looking to buy a used car or renew their driver's license may soon be seeing red. The province's automobile insurance board is pausing most services for nearly one month as it undergoes a digital transformation to update its website in a move to facilitate transactions. But as Gloria Henriquez reports, what the board calls short-term pain for long-term gain is driving some customers crazy.

Everything General Motors has ever made that isn’t a car

GM sure has made a lot of things that aren't cars

Bizzarrini Giotto Debuts With Naturally Aspirated V12, Giugiaro Design

The supercar boasts a carbon fiber body and a dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

A Ford Maverick Camper Is a Great Beginner Adventure Rig

For roughly $30,000, you can have a high-quality enclosed sleeping and cargo space atop a fuel-efficient new car. Just don’t expect to get too far from the pavement.

The Earliest Toyota 86s Are Old Enough to Get a Factory Restoration Program

The 86Re:Project is currently only available for Japanese owners.

The best car from every dead car company

A journey into the highlights of car companies that have bitten the dust

25 great new cars from 1973

Celebrating the best classic muscle cars ever built

Muscle cars are one of those slices of Americana that spread all over the world. The term "muscle car" dates back to the mid-1960s, when the early Pontiacs were fitted with powerful V8 engines featuring tons of horsepower. Mean-looking cars with big engines and more power than most of us can dream of, it's easy to see why so many people fall in love with them. While muscle cars continue to thrive in today's market, some have indeed become classics and in this gallery we celebrate some of the finest ever built. Browse through and get your motor running!

The most complicated cars ever made

Ever been confused by what's sitting in your engine bay? Wait 'till you see these complex machines

RWB's New Year's Celebration Is Proof Japanese Car Culture Is on Another Level

Religious ceremonies, dancers, and some of the wildest wide-body Porsches on the planet.

Giant sinkhole in California swallows vehicle after driver ignores road closure signs

Giant sinkhole in California swallows vehicle after driver ignores road closure signs - ‘It happened again. We can’t make this stuff up’

2023 Audi RS6 and RS7 Performance Get 621 HP, New Differential

The company intends to be all-EV by 2026, but in the meantime it's boosting outputs for its V-8 super wagon.

2023 Corvette Z06 Pops Engine After Only 52 Miles, Owner Documents Saga on Video

The car's LT6 V-8 began to rattle and smoke after losing power on the highway.

Father charged with attempted murder after allegedly driving family off cliff in California

Dharmesh Patel is accused of deliberately steering his Tesla over a 75-metre cliff along a stretch of highway in San Mateo County, Calif., while his family was in the car.

When Should You Change Your Oil?

Follow this simple guide to keep your engine humming a happy tune.

Mazda Says Miata 'Will Continue to Exist Forever'

Mazda Europe CEO Martijn ten Brink says the MX-5 "will never die."

6 Critical Places to Lubricate Your Car Before Winter

A little lubricant in the right places can do wonders for your car this winter.

Royal Family: King Charles' stubborn refusal to drive his car unless mechanics made unique change

King Charles has campaigned to protect the environment for more than five decades

Mercedes share behind-the-scenes images as Mick Schumacher completes seat fit

Mick Schumacher is settling into life with Mercedes...

Triple Truck Challenge races revealed for 2023

NASCAR officials released the schedule for the 2023 Triple Truck Challenge on Tuesday, renewing the incentive program for this year’s Craftsman Truck Series. The three-race bonus series within the 23-race schedule begins earlier this season than in past years, starting with the May 26 event at Charlotte Motor Speedway, which returns to the Triple Truck […]

Bowlus Heritage Edition Is Company's Cheapest, World's Lightest Travel Trailer

Prices start at $159,000 MSRP.

43 of the best-ever barn-finds

Subaru Shows Off Hardcore-Looking Levorg STI Wagon Concept at Tokyo Auto Salon

Please Subaru, put this thing into production.

The biggest automotive myths – and why they’re wrong

A close look at some of the most mistaken beliefs in the world of cars

Concern for Red Bull as cost penalty already ‘significantly’ impacting the team

Red Bull's 2023 car development is already being hampered by its wind tunnel penalty, according to Christian Horner...

The Junkyard Gems of All American Classics, Vancouver, Washington

All American Classics is steeped in automotive history - Will Shiers reckons he's found some prime examples

Here's Why Free Electric Car Charging Should be Banned

It's ruining the public EV charging experience.

The cars that are also cults

Cars are not just a way for people to get from A to B. With these cars, buying one is like joining a religion

Tesla China Shipping Out Huge Fleets Of Exports

Tesla has emptied the large volume of EVs at Shanghai's Nangang terminal. There's literally not a single Tesla left at the port.

16 marvelous 1970s muscle cars

Needle in a haystack: Australian authorities find tiny radioactive capsule that fell off a truck.

It was detected by a search vehicle travelling at 70 kilometers (43 miles) per hour when specialist equipment picked up radiation emitting from the capsule.

The wild world of the twin-engined car

Why settle for one engine when you can have two? These are the heroes of twin-engine cars