Alex De Angelis is not surprised by Pecco Bagnaia's Ducati

"For the title I right now see a two-man championship, I don't see too much room for others."

10 innovations that went nowhere

Bentley Continental GTC Gets Pastel Paint Makeover From Mulliner

The three commissioned cars recall the golden age of Hollywood.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Earns "Good" In IIHS' Updated Side Crash Test

The IIHS periodically adds new tests and eligibility requirements for its Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ awards.

Martin Brundle doesn't trust the "new" Max Verstappen

"Behind the appearance of Max 2.0's calm and serenity, there is still a temper."

2023 Mercedes B-Class Facelift Debuts With More Standard Kit, Extra PHEV Power

The luxury compact minivan gets a nip and tuck.

GMC Hummer EV Malfunctions, Leaves YouTuber Stranded In Traffic

This was most likely a software error, not something physically wrong with the vehicle.

MotoGp, Yamaha in crisis: Crutchlow brings up Marc Marquez

Yamaha centaur: "The other riders of the brand are not as fast as Quartararo"

TeslaCam Catches Truck Driver Shooting At Model S In Road Rage Incident

He was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; the Tesla owner was filmed brake checking the truck beforehand.

Updated Ford Explorer ST Spied For First Time

Ford loads it with camo to hide the changes.

Cleaning Secrets Only Car Detailers Know

Save $200 and detail your car yourself in half a day. Get professional results using these tips from experienced detailers.

Watch This Guy Build A New Custom Bike From Salvage Parts

Some people make a batch of cookies from scratch, while others make a whole new bike.

Ford Increases Lightning Base Price For Second Time In Two Months

The company is citing ongoing supply chain issues for the price rise.

20 great American muscle cars

We take a look at the glory-days of the affordable V8-powered car in America, and chart the class’s course through to the present day

Redmoto EnduroGP Team Inspires Honda’s 2023 CRF-RX Lineup

Big Red’s European enduro range gets even better.

Tesla Model 3 Tuned By Manhart Gets Lowered Suspension, New Splitter

The Manhart TM3 510 makes 513 horsepower and 486 pound-feet of torque.

All 36 General Motors brands ever used - do you know them all?

GM has probably operated more marques than any other car company. This is a history of them all

Audi RS3 Spied Wearing Early Refresh For Bodywork

We might not see the camouflage come off for a while.

The brutal and bombastic wrestling stars of the '80s and '90s

The weird, wild world of professional wrestling is unlike any other form of entertainment out there. Its mix of athleticism, soapy drama, flashy costumes, and violence seems to fulfill all of our basest desires. Over the decades, the lore has become quite convoluted, and with so many personas and characters feuding and teaming up with each other, it's hard to keep track of it all. Not to mention the many different leagues that these performers work in, from the National Wrestling Alliance to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, to the king of them all, World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly known as the World Wrestling Federation. But in the midst of all that confusion, there have been a number of characters over the years simply too flashy and fantastic to forget. During wrestling's heyday, from the '80s to the '90s, characters like Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker made this strange sport a worldwide hit. Read on to learn about the greatest wrestlers from the '80s and '90s.

500K Speeding Drivers In France Caught By Private Camera Cars In 2021

Privately operated speed camera cars have operated in France since 2018, and accounted for €76 million in fines last year.

America's most intriguing, enticing & unusual dashboards

The interior design of American cars has gone through many stages

The biggest black sheep of famous automakers

We look at the cars their makers prefer to forget

29 long-lived classic cars

Acura TLX Type S PMC Edition On Sale Tomorrow, Priced In Low-To-Mid $60k Range

Production is limited to just 300 units.

The most unflattering royal portraits of all time

Before photographers came around, the only way we knew how some royals looked was through portraits. These, of course, being creative works, are rarely a true depiction of reality, including the features of many a king and queen throughout history. In this gallery, we bring you a selection of some of those unfortunate portraits where the subjects are not very flatteringly depicted. Click on!

Volkswagen's Scout Electric Pickup And SUV To Be True Off-Roaders

A member of the vintage Scout community claims he saw early prototypes and learned more about them at a Scout Motors event he attended.

Sixt To Purchase 100,000 BYD EVs For Its European Fleet By 2028

The German car rental company has placed an initial order for several thousand BYD Atto 3 EVs, with deliveries to start in Q4 2022.

The driver of this "TIR" makes too tight a turn and the result is destructive

Driving a TIR should not be an easy thing to do. But if you are a driver you should have some idea of the size of the vehicle you are driving. You should also know how much your steering can turn. If you are not aware of this, here is what can happen.

The Giant Revolt E+ Is Ready To Charge Up Your Gravel Bike Experience

The new Revolt E+ is over-engineered to withstand the rigors of long-haul adventures.

White Remains The Most Popular Car Color In The United States

Grayscale colors dominate the nation's fleet.

The charming junkyard gems of Old Car City, White, Georgia

Join us for an expertly guided tour of one of America's largest car junkyards

Loblaw debuts driverless trucks

Loblaw Co. has five trucks driving themselves around Toronto. The grocery giant announced Wednesday that they now have five driverless trucks making e-commerce deliveries in the GTA, according to a press release issued with Silicon Valley tech outfit Gatik, their partner in the project. The trucks follow a regular route between a fulfillment centre and five retail locations in the GTA, transporting online grocery orders for PC Express. The...

There are some absurd road rules in the world, here are what they are

Here are the most interesting road rules collected in various states from Europe to Arabia via the United States.

The Weel EV-B Is A Self-Driving EV Cosplaying As An E-Bike

The bike is fully controlled by software and even has a self-balancing feature.

F1, budget cap: the statement of the FIA

"The analysis of financial requests is a long and complex process."

50 Ford-powered cars you've never heard of

Over the years dozens of independent car makers have used Ford engines to power their cars… Here are the best

2023 Mercedes A-Class Hatch And Sedan Revealed With AMG A35 And A45 S

The range-topping version gains an AMG Street Style Edition with visual tweaks inside and out.

Porsche 911 Cabriolet 964-Model Gets 500-HP EV Conversion From Everrati

It can reach 60 mph in less than 4.0 seconds.

Ortolani Customs’ Titan Is A Yamaha TMAX Given Superbike Treatment

Performance upgrades, custom bodywork, and 17-inch wheels from a superbike breathe new life to this Yamaha TMAX.

10 easy-to-implement tips on how to save fuel

Let's look together at some fuel-saving tricks.

Join Shakey Byrne On A Tour Of The UK’s Best Superbike Collection

If you could just one Honda or Ducati superbike, which one would it be?

US: In Q3 General Motors Sold More Plug-Ins Than Ever

GM electrification is now ramping-up on all fronts.

Kawasaki Electric Bike Prototype Makes An Appearance At Intermot 2022

It's still a prototype, but Team Green is calling it a 'production prototype.'

Base Nissan Ariya Completed Bjørn's 1,000 km Challenge In 11 Hours

The version with the bigger battery might be able to get into the 10-hour range.

Edmunds compares: 2022 Lucid Air vs. Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S has enjoyed a nearly 10-year head start on the premium electric sedan competition, but the gap is beginning to close. There’s a newcomer giving the Model S a run for its money, and it comes from a fellow startup. The 2022 Lucid Air is an all-electric luxury sedan that can compete with the Model S in some areas and surpass it in others. So, which is the better electric luxury flagship, the Tesla or the Lucid? The car experts at...

Toyota's Upcoming Crown PHEV Will Be Sold In The US, Says CEO

Toyota's CEO recently noted that it would be wise to use the same batteries to produce many PHEVs rather than a single EV.

Updated Vespa GTS Breaks Cover In Four Versions And 14 Colors

Both 125 and 300cc versions are available, now with Euro 5 compliance.

Recalled Chrysler Pacifica Hybrids Finally Get a Fix

Nearly 20,000 minivans were recalled earlier this year for a fire risk. Owners were advised to avoid plugging them in and to park outside.By Keith BarryA fix is now available for some 2017 and 20...

US: Ford BEV Sales Tripled In September 2022

Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford E-Transit are the leaders of their segments: respectively electric pickup trucks and vans.

Ford GT LM, a special and celebratory version

In honor of America's only Le Mans-winning supercar that includes victories in 2016 and the historic 1-2-3 podium finish in 1966, the Ford GT LM Edition 2022 celebrates the worldwide success of the Ford GT. The Ford GT remains exclusive, and these final 20 special edition supercars will join its collection. Deliveries of the final Ford GT LM Edition 2022 model year begin in fall 2022 with production ending later this year. With its carbon fiber body proudly lacquered with Liquid Silver exterior paint, the limited edition Ford GT LM is uniquely finished with a red or blue theme, in honor of the red and blue livery of the Le Mans-winning No. 68 Ford GT. Unique to the Ford GT LM is a dual 3D printed titanium exhaust that features a cyclonic design inside the tips and alludes to the 660-horsepower twin-turbocharged EcoBoost® engine. A titanium GT LM badge is also 3D printed above the tips.