Tim Hortons has revealed that it’s now using a “zero-tailpipe” emissions electric vehicle (EV) transport truck in Toronto, Ontario, with plans to launch an additional EV truck in Langley, British Columbia.

The Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 truck will be based out of Tim Hortons’ distribution centre in Guelph, Ontario. The Canadian coffee and sub-par snack maker says its EV trucks will be easily identifiable thanks to a distinctive lightning bolt design on their front alongside Tim Hortons’ maple leaf logo.

Tim Hortons says it expects each truck to travel roughly 100,000km per year and that their focus will be delivering products to its thousands of locations. While it’s interesting to see the fast-food chain start to introduce electric vehicles to its fleet, this is largely a publicity stunt on Tim Horton’s part given it’s only launching two Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 trucks in Canada.

Image credit: Tim Hortons

Volvo’s VNR Electric Class 8 EV truck features the same overall design as its diesel VNR counterpart. It’s features roughly 442km in range, a 565kWh capacity battery and an estimated charhing of time of 90 minutes to go from zero to 80 percent.

While Tesla is still working on its Semi transport truck, much of the company’s attention is currently on the Cybertruck. Tesla claims its Semi will be capable of travelling 800km on a single charge.

Last year, Coke Canada made a similar announcement regarding the launch of six Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 trucks operating out of its distribution centre in Montreal.

Image credit: Tim Hortons

Source: Newswire

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