The prettiest 300-horsepower electric car you’ll ever drive.

Electric conversions of classic cars are getting more popular. The folks at ECD Automotive Design in Florida, for example, recently transformed the Jaguar E-Type into a lovely electric roadster. Classic Bentleys and Phantoms have even gotten the EV treatment in the last few months. Now another shop, this one in Texas, is following suit with a stunning Mercedes-Benz 280SL EV conversion.

The Moment Motor Company in Austin is building a limited run of 280SL EVs as part of its "Signature" series of classic car conversions. Each build uses a 400-volt powertrain with a three-phase permanent magnet electric motor and a 62.0-kilowatt-hour battery pack that yields 300 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque – nearly twice as much as the original SL offered from the factory. The total driving range is an estimated 175 miles.

That upgrade also includes modern amenities like power steering, power brakes, heating, and air conditioning to give the classic car a more modern drive and feel. Even the chrome gauges have been updated with a "kilowatt" meter and a range estimate – all to maintain that Mercedes-Benz look while adding modern touches.

"Our builds reverently retain the integrity and design of the original vehicle while safely applying the fun, smile-inducing exhilaration of EV power," says Moment founder Marc Davis.

Naturally, beauties like these don't come cheap. Moment is charging $135,000 just for the conversion – donor Mercedes not included. They are partnering with a company called Unique Cars Of Palm Beach that will help you source a turn-key example for around $250,000. But because each car is built to spec, they're bound to get even pricier with options.

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