Kitty Amaral, Soloist

The Gypsy Quartet





Kitty & The Stray Cats Band

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  1. Bumblebee In A Jug Kitty Amaral 2:37
  2. Bad Liquor Kitty Amaral 3:16
  3. Yellow Heifer Kitty Amaral 2:51
  4. Double K Hornpipe Kitty Amaral 3:00
  5. Lonesome Polly Ann Kitty Amaral 1:55
  6. Midnight On The Water - Bonaparte's Retreat Kitty Amaral 4:37
  7. Big John McNeil Kitty Amaral 2:13
  8. Durham's Bull Kitty Amaral 2:57
  9. Tie Hacker Tune Kitty Amaral 2:38
  10. Headin' Up Elk Creek Kitty Amaral 2:40
  11. Oklahoma Rooster Kitty Amaral 3:07
  12. Little Daze Robertson Kitty Amaral 2:52
  13. Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase Kitty Amaral 2:28
  14. Ellie's Waltz Kitty Amaral 3:44
  15. Squirrel Hunters Kitty Amaral 2:58
  16. Rymer's Favorite Kitty Amaral 2:30
  17. Devil On Dry River Kitty Amaral 2:39
  18. Flatwoods Kitty Amaral 2:41
  19. Funky Chicken Kitty Amaral 2:04

FOR BOOKING PLEASE CONTACT: [email protected] (352-322-0550 usa)

Kitty is a captivating young virtuoso … A mountain fiddler of stunning ability. For her debut recording she has chosen rare and delightful ‘fiddle gems’ that will lift your spirit.

Joe Wilson

The National Council for the Traditional Arts, exec dir.

I just wanted you to let Kitty know how much I enjoyed her CD. A fine young fiddler for sure!

Alice Gerrard

Grammy nominated recording artist, Music Scholar

I had the pleasure of listening to your new cd! It is well named. It is a real gem!

Jack Hinshelwood

The Crooked Road; exec. dir.

Kitty Amaral’s CD Debut ‘Fiddle Gems’ is a great listen of superb old time fiddling with stellar backup produced by fiddler-teacher, Jerry Correll. It is a noteworthy and expressive album that shows musical breadth rarely found in a fiddler so young. Enjoy!

Erynn Marshall

Canadian fiddler, Teacher and Musicologist

Our cd arrived last week. I really like it. Congratulations on a wonderful, very professional-sounding CD!

Brad Leftwich

Recording artist, Scholar, Teacher

Fiddle Gems is an outstanding instrumental recording, and the variety of the tunes presented not only showcase Kitty’s captivating fiddling, but also spotlight the whole project as a very special one.

Dale Morris

Emcee-Old Fiddler's Convention; Wolfe Bros. Band

Kitty has been steeping herself in Old Time Music and it shows! Her passion for the music shines through in every beat. I thoroughly enjoy listening to this, her debut recording, which features a wonderful and diverse collection of fiddle tunes. It is particularly┬árefreshing to hear Kitty share precise renditions of these old tunes in a style that is all her own. I’m already looking forward to her next release the the ones after that!

April Verch

Canadian Grand Master Fiddle Champion, Recording Artist , Teacher

Kitty, I enjoyed your new cd very much. I love your old-time fiddle style!

Byron Berline

American fiddler, Byron Berline Band, Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys

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